welcome to HELL!!1!!!11!

We are a couple FUZZ punks from Winnipeg, Canada.

Here's a link to our ZUCKERBOOK page: Devilbook

Check out our super high budget DEMO videos here: Helltube

If you're like our moms and like PICTURES of us, find them here: Pentagram

WATCH THE VIDEO FOR "60 Seconds To Get High"

This is MAC he hit's drums and yells:

Photo by Jess Mann

This is TY he rips bass and yells:

Photo by Jess Mann

Here's some things we like:


Date Venue City
April/20/2019 Forth Winnipeg, MB
April/26/2019 House Show Winnipeg, MB
April/28/2019 Good Will Social Club Winnipeg, MB
May/04/2019 Handsome Daughter Winnipeg, MB
May/10/2019 Saskatoon Indoor Skatepark Saskatoon, SK
May/18/2019 Forth Winnipeg, MB
May/30/2019 Bulldogs Winnipeg, MB
June/06/2019 Tubby Dog Calgary, AB
June/07/2019 The Royal Nelson, BC
June/08/2019 House Show Edmonton, AB
June/28/2019 The Royal Albert Winnipeg, MB
June/29/2019 Cavern Winnipeg, MB
July/06/2019 BURNING COUCH Somewhere, MB
July/19/2019 Handsome Daughter Winnipeg, MB

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